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Hearing Exchange

Widex details


Widex was established in Denmark in 1956 and has grown to be one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, employing 3800 people.  Their hearing aids are renowned in the industry for having a special unique sound that is very smooth and natural.  For this reason, they are an excellent hearing aid to begin your new hearing journey with, and most people adapt to them very quickly. 

TruSound Compression - Improves hearing for sounds of any loudness.  InterEar (on 440 range) supports localisation of sounds in complex environments.


TruSound AOC - Ensures distortion free sound even for exceedingly loud sounds 


TruSound Softener - Takes edge off sharp, loud sudden sounds to improve comfort


Digital Pinna - Helps locate sounds in front by mimicking natural effect of outer ear


Widex fitting rationale - older compression system


High definition locator (adaptive directional microphones) - better speech intelligibility in noise 


Speech enhancer SII - Helps understand speech in complex environments.  InterEar ensures enhancement of dominant voice in a crowd.


FreeFocus - enables wearer to select speech from the sides or behind (requires M-Dex remote control)


Reverse Focus - enables automatic listening to speech from behind


Phone+ - hear phone calls in both ears


Smart speak - Voice alerts as well as beeps for easy management


Zen/Zen+ - Unique tinnitus management function that plays soothing tones to reduce tinnitus.


Extended Frequency bandwidth - 100- up to 10,000Hz (depending on model) to ensure improved hearing of women and children’s voices as well as music.