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Unitron details


Unitron was established in Canada in 1964 and has developed a strong following in the industry for its exceptionally well featured hearing aids.  Now under the control of the Sonova group (Phonak, Unitron, Advanced Bionics etc) Unitron has access to the latest hardware and technology on the market.  Unitron have always offered exceptional value for money, and their philosophy is to include what they consider fundamental features across all of their hearing aid models.  Thus, high end features such as wind noise reduction and impulse noise reduction are standard inclusions even at the bottom of the range.  Utilising the same hardware and processing chipset as Phonak, Unitron offers a unique approach to amplification with a strong focus on optimum speech intelligibility at all times. 


SpeechZone2 - Uses binaural spatial processing (input from both hearing aids) to automatically detect the exact location of speech, whether front, back, or from either side.


SpeechZone - Uses binaural spatial processing to focus tightly on speech coming from the front.  Particularly useful in very noisy environments such as a cocktail party.


SmartFocus2 - Seamlessly integrates four separate features (gain, directional microphone strategy, noise reduction and speech enhancement) to provide exceptional speech clarity and ease of listening in every situation.


SoundNav - Automatically identifies and assigns up to 7 different environments, each with its own background noise profile.


SoundConductor - Dynamically balances the appropriate features within each listening environment identified in SoundNav to ensure optimum hearing and comfort in each situation.


Log It All - Captures logging data of patients’ acoustic environments using SoundNav, even in the most basic models.  This feature assists fine-tuning and can be used as a tool to recommend upgraded technology if indicated.


LearnNow - enables the user to instantly teach the hearing aid their preferences in any particular environment.  This ensures the hearing aids will automatically attempt to replicate your preferences next time you are in the same environment.


Pinna Effect - attempts to mimic the natural shape and directivity of the outer ear.


Binaural Phone - allows the phone conversation to be heard in both ears, even if the phone is only held up to one ear.


Flex Upgrade - allows you to upgrade your hearing aids to a higher technology level by paying an upgrade fee, saving you the considerable expense of new hearing aids.