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Bernafon details


Established in the first half of the 20th century, Bernafon are a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer that were acquired by the William Demant group in 1995.  Boasting a number of significant innovations over the years, Bernafon’s main strength today is their unique channel-free processing strategy.


Most digital hearing aids adapt sound by splitting incoming signals into various channels or blocks based on the frequency of the signal.  A basic hearing aid may have only 4 channels to accomodate  the whole signal, whereas some of the latest Siemens hearing aids have 48 channels.  As each channel is manipulated on its own, and generally as a complete channel, it follows that the more channels, the more precise the outgoing signal is going to be.


In 2002 Bernafon released their Symbio devices, the first with no channels, and bar a few more conventional models in the ensuing years, have utilised this unique processing strategy in all of their hearing instruments. 


ChannelFree processing is available in all the Bernafon products we offer




ChannelFree - channel free processing analyses and adjusts the signal as a whole over 20,000 times per second to preserve the original sound  and ensure the most natural sound possible.  For each analysis, the  input level (volume) is assessed and compared to a frequency based gain curve to determine how much extra volume (gain) is required.  For every phoneme, there are approximately 2,000 analyses, which enables the hearing aid to react exceptionally quickly to any changes.


The end result is a sound quality that is arguably the most natural on the market.


Environment Optimiser


Adjustable adaptivity




Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus


Transient Noise Reduction


Soft Noise Management


Reverb Reduction


Speech Cue Priority


Comfort in Airplane program


Live Music Plus